Mike Kent | Concept Artist

Rocket & Groot
Fan art digital painting of Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket and Groot.
These Traffic Cameras are Getting out of Control
The Scarlet Horseman
Illustration done for a poster - The Scarlet Horseman
Female fantasy character design for event poster
Exploration or style for a fantasy environment.
Elemental worlds
Series of elemental character designs in their respective worlds
Popcast Podcast Ad Artwork
Ad art work for the podcast I co-host host with Pens & Pixels.
A project I did for an event poster, based on an image of myself done from a separate photography event.
A quick speed paint, dessert cyber ninja!
The March
Speed paint and ideation for a winter environment scene
A work in character and environment, image theme is "last man standing".
Little work for a poster for my next Pens & Pixels event
Character design, my interpretation of a female dryad
Savage Opress
Taken from a still life of a friend, done as a star wars character - Savage Opress
Work process for a samurai character design.
Harley Quinn
Done with a still life of a friend then and transformed in to the scene in Gotham.
Sketches & Life Drawing
A collcetion of my favorite personal works in life drawings and sketches
Value Study
Exploration in value and layout for environments. Quick concepts for possible environment.
Deep Sea
First exploration into character interacting in an enviroment. First time doing and underwater scene as well.
Exploration in custom classic architecture. Work up from sketch to 3d composition.
A work in refined perspective, lighting and shape.
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